More work, more parking spaces

WORK is continuing to progress on improving car parking at Victoria Hospital.

NHS Fife’s operations division heard an update on the works at its meeting last week.

Jim Leiper, director of estates and facilities, told the committee additional work to the car park at Whyteman’s Brae has been completed.

He added: “The extension is open and the car park resurfaced with 134 extra spaces. It’s now being used by staff.

“In car park ‘K’, the Balfour Beatty cabins have been removed and work is continuing - it’s still a work in progress, but will be completed in about six weeks.

“Car park ‘H’, the patient visitor car park, will be extended to where the landscaping is finished above the A&E road to provide more spaces.”

Further spaces are planned for the future in different phases of the project, but Mr Leiper suggested a review be carried out once the current stages are complete and before those ones begin.

He added: “The next step is to go to the red brick buildings out in the west to put car parking there. That will deliver the 1620 spaces required by Fife Council for the whole place.

“It may be appropriate to look at it when it comes to the last stage.

“We need to look at what we have, how it’s working and what we need.

“We’d be wise and prudent to look at it then and see if we need the extra 350, or could we do it with 300? Or do we need 400?

“We don’t want to do things and then have to revisit it in a year or twos time.”

Dave Stewart, chairman of the operations division, said: “I would like to see a report at this committee later in the year about what our plans are for next year.’’