More work to do on new town complaints

Fife House
Fife House

Complaints made to Fife Council are being responded to less effectively than in the past according to a report to Glenrothes councillors.

Since the Fife authority was required to introduce a new complaint handling proceedure in April 2013, under the auspices of the Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman (SPCO), there has been a marked decrease in the response rate for stage one and stage two complaints which requre a presponse within 20 days.

The report by Lynne Harvie, improvement and customer services manager, indicates that prior to the introduction of the new handling proceedures around 90 per cent of complaints were responded to within the 20 day period.

That reponse rate for the Glenrothes has now dropped to 72.8 per cent.

A total of 373 complaints were received in relation to Glenrothes in 2013/14 with 302 now closed.

Reasons for complaints were wide ranging with building, education and environment issues in Glenrothes all higher than the Fife average, though complaints regarding housing are lower than the Fife-wide average.

Councillor Altany Craik said the Council encourages feedback from customers, adding: “We welcome feedback both positive and negative from our customers because it helps us improve the services we provide.

“It’s important we log and track feedback and this new system will help us do that.

“The new system will take a bit of time to bed in and I’m confident we will see these results mirrored in other areas where improvement is needed.”