Morrisons set to name start date

Artist's impression of new Kirkcaldy Morrisons store
Artist's impression of new Kirkcaldy Morrisons store

a LONG-AWAITED date to start work on the new Morrisons supermarket in Kirkcaldy will be made in the next few weeks, the Press can reveal.

The retailer is set to knock down the old B&Q red shed at Invertiel and re-develop the entire site after a lengthy battle to win planning permisison.

Joe Noble of Invertiel Developments, which is behind the development of the site for Morrisons, confirmed that an announcement would be made “shortly”.

In the meantime, the company has been busy gathering all of the consents and permissions needed before it can start building at the former B&Q site, which has been empty for more than three years after the DIY giant moved into Fife Retail Park.

Councillors gave the work the go-ahead in October, but some concerns have surfaced locally over a lack of action on the Invertiel site since then.


Mr Noble said: “Since we got consent in October, we have been busy tying up all of the loose ends which are necessary for us to start.

‘‘This included planning permission and licences for changes and improvements to the Fourways Junction, situated at the proposed entrance to the new store, but land which is to remain owned and maintained by the Council.


The issue was raised at Tuesday’s executive council meeting and councillors granted a licence to Invertiel Developments to go ahead with improvements to the junction, as well as improvements to Rope Walk and the laying of a surface water pipe on land owned by Fife Council.

“Right now, the Fourways Junction does not work as effectively as it should,” said Mr Noble.

“The changes we have proposed will greatly improve the junction and the safety of the road.”

Mr Noble continued: “Obviously, there will be many improvements for Kirkcaldy as a direct result of Morrisons, such as jobs - but the opening of the store will also bring some indirect improvements too, one of which will certainly be the Fourways Junction.

“And, these improvements will be made at nil cost to Fife Council, and so Kirkcaldy residents will benefit as the Council isn’t having to spend any money on this.”

The new supermarket is expected to create around 330 jobs.