Mother’s anguish over theft from baby’s grave

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A KENNOWAY mum has been left distraught after the grave of her five-day-old son was singled out for attack by thieves.

The body of little Jack Mackay lies in Kennoway Cemetery, since he passed away shortly after his birth in March last year.

Mother Samantha Fisher left only a few mementos by his graveside as a comfort, but couldn’t believe her eyes when she visited the cemetery and found they had been lifted by a callous thief.

The 23-year-old told the Mail: “I’ve had teddies down there since the day he was buried and now they’re just gone.

“I know there’s been trouble with kids in the cemetery before, but this seems a little bit more clear-cut than that.

“They weren’t thrown all around the cemetery, because we had a look for them. It seems as if somebody has just been down and taken them away.”

The family says the teddies were particularly special, as Jack had them with him during his short life.

Jack was Samantha’s only child and, as she hit out at those responsible, she couldn’t hide her fury behind her distress.

She added: “I’m very angry about it.

“How could somebody stoop so low as this?

“If it was children then they should be ashamed, but if somebody has lifted them, then they know what they’ve done.”