Sillerhole Road in Leven (picture by Mark Rodgers)
Sillerhole Road in Leven (picture by Mark Rodgers)

Motorists in Leven have endured several days of queues and hold-ups owing to repairs and maintenance work in the town.

Long tailbacks and lengthy delays plagued drivers at the Scoonie roundabout over the weekend, as measures were put in place to deal with an electrical cable fault.

Frustrated drivers were also seen to jump red traffic lights yesterday (Tuesday) morning as patience ran out over a temporary control system in Windygates Road and Waggon Road.

On Saturday at Letham Glen, a four-way traffic light set-up was installed as Scottish Power began repairs to a defective electrical cable in Sillerhole Road, which left a number of homes without power.

The restrictions caused traffic approaching Leven on the A915 Largo Road to back up all the way back to Lundin Links, for all of Sunday and most of Monday morning, before the traffic lights were removed.

Scottish Power said restrictions were needed so it could dig properly down to the affected cable, but some drivers commented on the Mail’s Facebook page that the lights were unnecessary - as very little work appeared to be done over the weekend.

Further temporary lights were installed nearby as Scottish Water carried our repairs to a damaged sewer in Waggon Road.

It was hoped both jobs would be finished yesterday, or early today (Wednesday) at the latest.

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