MP backs St Andrews trademark bid

Sir Menzies Campbell
Sir Menzies Campbell

SIR Menzies Campbell, local MP and trustee to the St Andrews Links Trust, has defended its bid to trademark the name ‘St Andrews’.

And speaking to the Citizen this week, he also offered to meet anyone who had concerns about the possible consequences of the trademark being granted.

“The intention of the Trust is to protect the brand of St Andrews,” the MP said.

“What is not appreciated by some is there are many companies which seek to exploit the good name of St Andrews but make no contribution of any kind to the town.

“They are simply in business to feast off St Andrews.

“I’m happy to discuss this matter with any local company or organisation which is concerned, but I am in no doubt whatsoever that if this application is granted, the Links Trust will take full account of local interests.”

Sir Menzies’ comments come a week after the Links Trust spoke out to reassure local businesses that they were not under any threat over their use of the town’s name.

Despite that reassurance, however, some business owners met behind closed doors at the Scores Hotel on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the issue.

Prior to the meeting, one company spokesman told the Citizen he would like to see St Andrews following the example of the Champagne region, where only those operating in the area could use the prestigious name.

The application to register the name ‘St Andrews’ as a trademark was made last November. If granted, the Links Trust would be the only organisation able to provide specific goods or services using the ‘St Andrews’ trademark.

Other businesses would be required to apply to the Trust for permission to use the trademark.

The St Andrews International Golf Club recently won a legal battle after the Trust objected to the use of ‘St Andrews’ in two websites the club had registered.

A number of other organisations and local businesses are now seeking clarification over the use of the town’s name.