MP gives support to nuisance call issue

Sir Menzies Campbell
Sir Menzies Campbell

LONG-standing area MP Sir Menzies Campbell is leading a campaign by his Liberal Democrat party to end nuisance calls in Fife.

Sir Menzies (pictured), along with Councillor Tim Brett, wants the Information Commissioner’s powers to be strengthened to take in all forms of unsolicited contact and for the creation of a single point of contact for anyone wishing to protect their privacy from unwanted calls, texts or e-mails.

Last week the Mail reported on a similar plea made by Rod Campbell MSP for a more simple reporting method to complain about nuisance calls to be introduced.

Sir Menzies said: “Nuisance calls negatively affect the quality of life of thousands of Fife residents.

“People shouldn’t have to put up with these calls which put many vulnerable and elderly people at risk of fraud.”

Cllr Tim Brett added that he had been on the receiving end of nuisance calls and believed much tougher action needed to be taken to have them stopped.

He said: “I know of people who are not answering their phone in case its a nuisance call.”

A petition is available by visiting www.no2nuisancecalls.