MP’s call to arms over Methil Ming

Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works
Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works

A PUBLIC meeting is to take place next week to discuss the ‘Methil Ming’.

MP Lindsay Roy has organised the muster, for July 12 at 7pm in Methil Ex-Servicemen’s Club, following the recent Scottish Water stakeholder meeting he attended at Bayview Stadium.

Mr Roy said he hoped the meeting, to which all residents are invited to attend, would give an opportunity to update people on what the water services supplier, which operates the Levenmouth waste water treatment works blamed for the stench, proposes to do.

He said: “Whilst I’m grateful to the positive response we have had from Scottish Water to try to deal with some of these issues it is not clear, whether in any way, how it is going to resolve the problem.

“The public meeting is to keep people informed about what Scottish Water says it is going to do and to get reaction from the public about what else, if anything, they want it to do.

“In essence it is promising a series of actions over four to eight weeks so it’s unlikely there is going to be an immediate improvement.”

Mr Roy, who previously organised a petition calling for action to be taken and gathered over 1000 signatures, added he has had indications from locals that they want to set up a separate pressure group, something he would support.

He continued: “I’ve said all along that collectively they [the residents] are stronger than any of the politicians representing them.

“I support what they are trying to achieve and I think it’s important that local residents take some ownership of this.

“It’s great that they are already taking responsibility with myself for taking these issues to Scottish Water.”

Meanwhile Scottish Water has said there is no provision for residents to seek compensation within its code of practice, which is approved by the Water Industry Commission, as Fife Council and SEPA have both confirmed the treatment works complies with the The Sewerage Nuisance (Code of Practice) (Scotland) Order 2006.