MP to meet water body over ‘ming’

MP Lindsay Roy
MP Lindsay Roy

Local MP Lindsay Roy is to meet with Scottish Water following the re-appearance of the ‘Methil ming’.

Mr Roy told the Mail the meeting was organised after constituents approached both himself and the Mail to again complain of the stench which has been appearing on and off for years.

Levenmouth’s waste water treatment works, off Methilhaven Road, have long been blamed for creating the odour.

Mr Roy said: “Scottish Water must live up to its responsibilities and take prompt action to sort out the problem once and for all

“I contacted Scottish Water and it confirmed it had received several complaints.

“If this was brought about by warm weather in March, goodness knows what things could be like during the summer if the water company doesn’t get its act together.

“People will no longer accept excuses: they have been patient for far too long and this has to be sorted out now, no matter what it costs.

“Enough is enough.”

In 2010, Scottish Water agreed to follow the recommendations of an independent review of the ming carried out by Professor Robert Jackson.

But the problem has remained and the report’s author was criticised after suggesting the River Leven and sewerage infrastructure could also be to blame.

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “We take the issue of odour seriously and continue to work with elected members, stakeholders and regulators.”