Mr Saturday Night back in town

Jim Davidson
Jim Davidson

THE name Jim Davidson is, for many people, forever associated with Saturday night television - The Generation Game and Big Break immediately spring to mind.

But, his career has involved so much more than that over the last three decades, including charity work and of course stand-up.

Once again Jim is hitting the road and bringing his comedy back to Fife next week. He is playing the Adam Smith Theatre on Tuesday, September 11 and it’s a date he’s looking forward to.

Speaking to the Press from Waitrose in Glasgow, he said: “I love Kirkcaldy, it’s a fantastic little theatre and I like coming back. The audiences are always a good laugh.

“Playing in Scotland gives me a chance to talk about my dad - he was Glaswegian.

“It was a bit weird growing up in London with a Scottish father!”

Jim’s been a regular visitor to Kirkcaldy - his pictutre is one of many which hangs on the wall of the Penny Farthing where he has been the guest of former mine host Joe Malone.

This time round he is performing his stand-up show ‘The Legend’ - but he admits he doesn’t know what to expect from each show.

“I don’t have a clue what I’m going to talk about,” he says. “I never do until I go out on stage. I seriously haven’t got clue.

“I walk out and it all just comes out.”

The Fife date is just one of a limited number of gigs the all-round entertainer, who was awarded an OBE for services to charity, has this autumn.

He added: “I spend quite a bit of time in Glasgow these days. Now my wife is coming up, I’m going to show her round the country so I’m going to some of the little towns and villages.”

Stand-up has been part of Jim’s life for many years now, but when asked about how he first got into it, he laughs: “I forget, it was so long ago.”

“I went to see a comedian in a pub in London and he didn’t turn up so they put me on stage. The audience laughed, bless them and I’ve been doing it ever since.

“I used to love doing the Generation Game, but with a television show like that you’re surrounded by people with ideas, but on a live show you’re working with your own ideas and that’s when you’re at your best.”

Having delved into the world of television, performed comedy around the country, as well as abroad while entertaining British service personnel, Jim has also recently branched out into something different - writing and cooking.

He’s even published his very own cookbook, aptly named ‘Jim Davidson’s Cookbook’.

“People can buy it at the gigs,” he says before explaining how it came about.

“When I lived in Dubai I bumped into Gary Rhodes. He’s got about 18 books of recipes and I said to him ‘it’s impossible to cook that many recipes!’

“I like to cook and so I did a funny one. It’s good, but funny.

“It teaches you how to cook, but using language like I’m speaking to you now. You don’t have to be a chef to understand mine!

“It’s just a fun thing to have done.”

With numerous tour dates still ahead of Jim, what does he have in store for the rest of the year beyond that?

“I’ll be coming up to spend Christmas in Glasgow,” he says. ‘‘I’ve got a one off concert in Glasgow in December.

“Then next spring I’ve got quite a big thing planned, but I can’t say anything about it just now as it’s not all confirmed.”

>> Jim Davidson is at Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy on Tuesday, September 11.