MSP backs plan for 20mph speed limit

Pic Neil Hanna Photography
Pic Neil Hanna Photography

Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell has brought forward a bill to bring the national speed limit down to 20mph in built-up areas.

The move comes after campaign group Twenty’s Plenty suggested the reduction from 30mph would save the NHS over £50 million a year through fewer deaths and less serious injuries on Scotland’s streets.

This compares to an estimated cost of implementing the new limit of just £2 million.

“There is no logical reason to keep 30mph speed limits in built up areas making them less safe compared to 20mph. The time for a national switch has arrived, building on the progress made already in council areas such as Edinburgh and Fife,” said Mr Ruskell.

“Like the ban on smoking a switch to 20 will save lives for remarkably little cost,” he added.

“That’s before the wider health benefits of more walking and cycling have even been considered

“With an NHS in permanent funding crisis, prevention is critical, making our streets safer and cleaner is the lowest hanging fruit there is.”