MSP calls for empty homes at Leuchars Station to be made available to public

The MOD sub-lets 63 properties at Leuchars Station.
The MOD sub-lets 63 properties at Leuchars Station.

Empty houses at Leuchars Station should be made available for public use to meet Fife’s housing demand, the local MSP has said.

It is understood that around one-third of the homes at the base are currently unoccupied, while some houses at the station have already been made available for sub-let on a short-term basis.

MSP Willie Rennie is calling for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to release the empty homes onto the market.

“It makes no sense to leave a third of the houses sitting empty when demand for housing in Fife is so high,” said Mr Rennie.

“I’m told a handful of properties on Hampden Close are being let out on a private basis.

“I want to encourage the defence infrastructure organisation to release more of their properties. Whether they may be for social rent, private rent or for sale, that’s up to them.

“I’d say they are all preferable options than continuing to see good homes sitting empty.”

The MOD said 63 properties are being sub-let at Leuchars, with the possibility of another 23 being prepared for sub-let.

The empty homes are only sub-let on a short-term basis so they can quickly be brought back under MOD control if required for service personnel and their families.

The MOD said it had met with Fife Council to discuss these properties, but added: “Council officers reported that the relatively short-term nature of the sub-let programme would not be suitable to meet wider societal housing needs in the area.”