MSP’s Question Time

3012178 SSFF argos centre 'Andrea Glen (green top, back left) & David Torrance MSP (sitting) with LYF-BF's - at the Argos Centre, Appin Crescent, Glenrothes
3012178 SSFF argos centre 'Andrea Glen (green top, back left) & David Torrance MSP (sitting) with LYF-BF's - at the Argos Centre, Appin Crescent, Glenrothes

YOUNG people with disabilities have been learning about the work of a Kirkcaldy MSP during a special activity session at the Argos Youth Centre in the town.

Around ten teenagers, aged 15-21, took part in the afternoon event held at the centre, based in Appin Crescent.

The session was organised by Andrea Glen, self advocacy officer for Enable Scotland, Fife services.

David Torrance, MSP, spoke to the young people about his daily routine and had a lively discussion with them about what his priorities are and what they felt they should be.

Andrea said the aim of the event was to involve the teenagers in the political process and show them they have a voice and an important part to play in their local community.

She said the session is part of the continuing Local Youth Forum - Best Friend’s initiative (LYF-BF’s) which was launched following a meeting of the Fife-wide Youth Forum in Glenrothes last November.

“It is about showing the young people, who have a disability, that they have a voice and helping them to use it,” Andrea said.


“We have been having regular meetings in the Argos Youth Centre every second Saturday and discussing issues relevant to them personally as well as issues affecting young people generally.

“The session today links in with a visit we are having to the Scottish Parliament on August 3 when the young people will be able to have a tour of the Parliament and find out about what it does.”

The session with Mr Torrance also aimed to show the teenagers how approachable their local MSP is so they can feel able to speak to him about any matters affecting them.

Andrea added: “It’s about building up their confidence and self-esteem so they feel they can speak out and showing them their voice and opinions are important.”


As well as the activities with Mr Torrance, the young people also filmed by Enable Scotland talking about the people who have inspired them.

Mr Torrance said: “I took part in some games activities looking at the role of an MSP to get the teenagers thinking about what that involves.

‘‘I was also there to promote the work of the Parliament. It’s about making sure everyone is inclusive and to highlight MSPs are approachable.

‘‘It’s very important these young people have a voice as they will have to meet difficult challenges in their lives.

‘‘I’m delighted to be part of this and to support Enable Scotland.”