MSP welcomes more powers plan

SNP Candidate Roderick Campbell
SNP Candidate Roderick Campbell

North East Fife MSP Roderick Campbell has welcomed the Scottish Government’s commitment to seek early implementation of the Smith Commission proposals and to pursue additional powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Campbell’s comments came after he questioned Deputy First Minister John Swinney in the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Swinney confirmed that the Scottish Government will pursue the implementation of the Smith proposals and welcomed the findings of the Scottish Parliament’s Devolution (Further Powers) Committee which concluded that the Smith proposals “do not meet the spirit or substance of Smith”. He added that he hoped to see the draft Scotland Bill amended before it is introduced at Westminster.

Commenting, Mr Campbell said: “The results of last weeks’ General Election prove that the proposals put forward by the Smith Commission do not go far enough. The people of Scotland expect, and deserve, a stronger Parliament, with more powers than are currently on offer.

“I am pleased that the First Minister, Deputy First Minister and Scottish Government will make the case for enhanced powers at the earliest opportunity. I am also very pleased with the unanimous view of the cross-party Devolution (Further Powers) Committee that significant work needs to be done to the Smith proposals to make them acceptable.

Mr Campbell added: “The SNP agreed entirely with the proposals put forward by the Smith Commission, but we have consistently argued that they do not go far enough. I think last week’s election results makes it clear that the Scottish people want to see more powers delivered, soon, and that they trust the SNP to deliver those powers.

“I look forward to the beginning of negotiations between the Scottish Government and UK Government on this matter, and I hope that this process can include Scotland’s civic society to a greater extent, as well.”