MSPs show support as See Me campaign celebrates 10 years

Claire Baker MSP
Claire Baker MSP

AREA MSPs have joined in publicly supporting the work of the See Me campaign.

The venture, which seeks to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental ill-health, is marking its 10th anniversary.

See Me is a national campaign group, made up of five mental health organisations.

With one in four Scots experiencing mental health problems in any year, Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance, and Mid Scotland and Fife counterpart Claire Baker, believed it was important to raise awareness.

Mr Torrance said: “I fully support this initiative. It is important that we provide people with a better understanding of the many negative issues faced by those experiencing mental health issues.

“With the invaluable help and support provided by so many committed volunteers and partnership agencies, people facing mental health problems can and do make valuable contributions within all sectors of society.

“Hopefully, campaigns such as See Me will ensure this is made easier for them in the future.”

Ms Baker also backed See Me’s 10th birthday in Parliament by adding her ‘wish’ to its Wish Tree.

The organisation, which has worked closely with MSPs since its inception, asked each member to write down their wish for See Me for its next 10 years.

Their thoughts were then hung on a Christmas tree in the garden lobby, showcasing the wishes.

Ms Baker’s Christmas wish was for ‘better mental health services for children and young people’.

She added: “The stigma surrounding mental ill-health is still an important issue for us all and it was good to join See Me, which has worked so hard to tackle this great taboo.

“Three quarters of us will know someone with a mental health problem and one in four of us will experience it ourselves at some point of our lives, so this is a problem that can affect us all.

“Mental ill-health can also affect someone regardless of their age and it is important that we have the provisions in place for better mental health services for children and young people.”

Our pictures show Mr Torrance and Ms Baker during the displays of support.