Muiredge’s painful scar finally swept away

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A QUIET, tranquil scene is to be created at the site of an empty Buckhaven cottage that was host to a savage double murder.

The long-awaited demolition of Methilhaven Cottage was carried out last week by contractors on behalf of Fife Council.

The house, on the corner of Methilhaven Road and Percival Road, was the scene of the tragic killings of Michelle and Ryan Thomson, by their father, Rab Thomson, in May 2008. He was later jailed for life, with a recommendation he serve at least 17 years.

The council took ownership of the property earlier this year and is using money from the community safety and Levenmouth area budgets to demolish it and landscape the site.

In the longer term, a new road layout may be created at the junction, to deal with increasing volumes of traffic from future developments proposed for the area.

Chair of Levenmouth’s area committee Councillor David Alexander said: “It’s sad to see houses being demolished but, for locals, this empty property has been a constantly painful reminder of the past.

“It’s understandable that everyone wanted the house to go and, as far as the council is concerned, this is an investment in the local community’s future.

“The overall process of gaining ownership, having services disconnected and contractors on site has taken longer than we would have liked,” admitted Cllr Alexander.

“But I’m relieved the building is now cleared and looking forward to the site becoming a peaceful green space.

“I hope this will help Michelle and Ryan Thomson’s relatives and neighbours, as well as the wider community, to look ahead.”

Within the next few weeks, the plot of land will be cleared and grassed over.

Robin Presswood, senior manager in the business and strategy section of the council, explained the Mid-Fife Local Plan identified land between Percival Road and Sea Road for major development over a 20-year period.

“Developing this site will support the long-term regeneration plans for this area,” he said.

“We want to create new homes, a primary school and local facilities, as well as a low-carbon investment business park, bringing highly skilled jobs to the area.

Mr Presswood added: “In the short term, we just want to make this site more attractive for local residents.

“And, in the longer term, improvements to the road layout at this junction will help traffic flow between Standing Stane Road, the new business park and the Energy Park.”

Rab Thomson was imprisoned on October 2008 for the brutal stabbings which claimed the lives of his daughter Michelle (25) and seven-year-old son, Ryan.

Soon after he was sentenced, a petittion campaign began locally, calling for the property to be pulled down.

The Crown later failed in a bid to have Thomson’s minimum jail term increased before he could be considered for parole.