Multi-faith plans for new church

Padre Anthony Gunn of ACHURCH4U.
Padre Anthony Gunn of ACHURCH4U.

A METHIL man is on the lookout for premises in Levenmouth to start a new church.

Padre Anthony Gunn, who is a licensed preacher with the Missionary Chapel and Seminary, is in the process of founding ACHURCH4U - which will be a non-denominational platform for the discussion of multi-religious beliefs and views.

The church will be free to attend with the only stipulation being that attendees are open-minded to the possibility that despite worshipping in different ways there could be one higher power watching over everyone.

Mr Gunn, who went to a seminary to become a priest at the age of 11 but dropped out by 15, hopes like-minded people will attend and would ideally like to help those who are or have struggled with addiction.

He himself has battled against alcoholism and was committed to Stratheden to ‘dry out’ in 1985.

Mr Gunn, who hopes to start the church up one night a week to begin with, told the Mail it was on leaving the hospital he found his belief that there is a higher power, by realising he needed a crutch to help him along the right path.

He added: “I decided the best way to lead a better life was total surrender to my higher power and try to live my life according to that.

“Since that time there has been a lot of mistakes made by myself, but a lot of learning done at the same time and that’s where I feel I have that little bit to offer.

“I’m not asking anyone to change their religion but instead to continue the religion they are, to share it with others, and to bring them alongside people who don’t have a religion.

“Only the names differ. We hope to explore the possibility that there are many similarities in different beliefs, that there may be some spiritual connection between all faiths.”

Anyone who would like to become involved with or offer premises to ACHURCH4U is asked to contact MrGunn at