Mum’s fears after child’s needle find

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A YOUNG family is facing an anxious wait for test results after a Methil girl was apparently pricked by a used needle left lying in a park by a drug user.

While playing at the adventure park in Lower Methil, Jamie-Leigh Murphy (9), and her pal Courtney, also nine, stumbled across a drug user’s hidden and filthy looking stash.

The youngsters thought they were doing the right thing by removing the paraphernalia from the park in case any fellow children came to harm, however, when Jamie-Leigh got home with the syringes, spoons, lighters and an apparent tourniquet her mum Julie noticed that she had a small needle prick in her hand.

Julie said: “I’ve had to take her to hospital to have a ‘hep’ (hepatitis) test done so we’ll now just have to wait for the results to come back.

“Basically someone has hidden this stuff at a park.

“It’s worrying and absolutely ridiculous that somebody would just leave all this lying in an adventure park where there are kids running around.

“There was a lot more stuff down there and my daughter had to show the authorities where it was.

“Something needs to be done about this.”

Julie and friend Leeanne Brown, Courtney’s mother, quickly called the police to report the girls’ find and were referred to Fife Council’s environmental health department.

Workers took away the paraphenalia before the girls were then asked back down to the park to point out further needles lying discarded.

Leeanne told the East Fife Mail: “The girls came in and said they had found syringes, lighters and spoons.

“We thought that Jamie-Leigh had been jagged by a nettle to start with.

“Everybody’s a bit worried about it now and we’ll certainly not be letting them play at that park anymore. There’s absolutely no need for it.

“When they went back down to point out more there was a woman playing with a one-year-old so it could have happened to any child.”

The general advice for drug users is to always dispose of used injecting equipment in a safe manner.

Returning it to a near-by needle exchange is the best method to ensure public safety.