Mum’s painful memories of son’s final minutes

Connor Cleave
Connor Cleave

A man is facing a lengthy prison sentence after being convicted of killing his teenage pal by stabbing him during a street fight.

Jamie Wishart (22) was convicted last Tuesday of the culpable homicide of Connor Cleave (17) following a trial at the High Court in Edinburgh.

He struck Connor with a knife during a confrontation in Simon Crescent, Methilhill, on April 8 this year.

He had known tragic Connor since childhood but had fallen out with him in the days before the fatal fight.

Now Wishart, who also lived in Methilhill, faces being sent to prison.

Deferring sentence for the court to obtain reports, Lady Scott told Wishart she was remanding him in custody ahead of sentencing next month and was also ordering him to be examined by a psychiatrist.

Wishart, a prisoner of HMP Edinburgh, was also convicted of breaching a bail order on the night he killed Connor.

He had been originally accused of murdering Connor but a jury found there was no evidence to convict him on that charge.

They returned a verdict of guilty to an alternative charge of culpable homicide instead.

The jury also returned a verdict of not proven to an allegation that Wishart attempted to murder Connor’s brother Christopher on the same night as his sibling died.

During the trial, Connor’s mum Susan Seath (43) wept as she told the jury about her son’s final moments alive.

She said she saw a “big hole” in Connor’s chest as he lay in the street with serious injuries.

She went to the crime scene after a family friend told her Connor had been stabbed.

Ms Seath said she went running to where her son was lying on the road and she could remember seeing one policeman trying to help Connor.

Ms Seath told the court: “He only took one more breath when I got there.”

She also recalled the moment she saw her son’s injuries.

She told the court a policeman had lifted Connor’s top to reveal his body.

She added: “He pulled up Connor’s top and you could see the big hole in his chest.

“That’s when he started radioing and going mental.”

Ms Seath, who also lives in Methilhill, said she could remember an ambulance being at the scene. She sat in a police car while medics tried to save her boy’s life.

She added: “I remember being in a police car.

“They were telling me they were working on him and then they told me Connor had passed away in hospital.”

Ashley Johnson (24) another witness, told the court she saw Wishart sticking “something shiny” into Connor’s body.

She told the court she witnessed the confrontation between the pair from a house nearby.

Describing the incident, Miss Johnson said: “It was quick. It was within seconds.”

She also told the court she saw the two men confronting each other and she heard Wishart shouting ‘Come on then’ to Connor before the stabbing.

Wishart will be sentenced next month at the High Court in Glasgow.