Mum talks of family tragedy

June Thomson
June Thomson
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A MUM whose two children were brutally murdered by their dad has spoken of trying to come to terms with the tragedy five years on.

In an interview with Radio 4, June Thomson (53) described the years she had with Ryan (7) and Michelle (27) as a “precious gift”.

Her estranged partner Rab Thomson (55) is serving a 17- year sentence after stabbing the children 26 times at his Muiredge home in May 2008.

He then turned the knife on himself and left a suicide note before June discovered the horrific scene.

“I did go into the room and saw him lying on the bed. He had superficial cuts to his arms but there wasn’t much blood.

“I just presumed he was dead. I didn’t even go over to touch him,” said June.

“They had taken me out and put me in an ambulance and while I was there, my sister came in and said Rab had been taken out on a stretcher.

“He was conscious and just looked into her eyes and smirked.

“That’s when I realised he hadn’t even killed himself and I just lost it and I was just screaming in the ambulance that I wanted to kill him.

“That was a smirk of revenge.”

Earlier that day, June was preparing to leave a 27-year marriage marked by violent and possessive behaviour.

“Rab had been violent to me. There were good days and bad days, but he always loved his children,” she said.

“People see this on the news and TV and think ‘this could not happen to me’, but it could, easily.”

Michelle, who had learning difficulties and epilepsy, was described by June as “very much protected and innocent”.

“She was a very, very happy person – always smiling, “ she said.

“Ryan was a lovely wee boy. I only had him for seven years in my life but that seven years is so precious – a gift.”