Mum warns of stranger who tried car door in Glenrothes

The man tried to enter the car which was stationary at the lights. Picture by Steven Brown Photography.
The man tried to enter the car which was stationary at the lights. Picture by Steven Brown Photography.

A Glenrothes mum has taken to social media to warn fellow drivers after claims that a man tried to access her vehicle while she was stopped at traffic lights in the town.

The incident is said to have taken place at the pedestrian crossing in South Parks Road, adjacent to Glenwood shopping centre, around 5.30pm on Tuesday, November 17.

After returning home, Kirsten Hay posted the warning on her Facebook page which read: “Warning to all who live alone – lock your car doors from the inside when driving alone in the dark, as someone has just tried to get in my car while stopped at traffic lights.

“Luckily, I had already locked my doors, as I always do at night. I think he was after my handbag and shopping that was sitting in my passenger seat.

“It was at the traffic lights across from the Glenwood Tesco.”

Since then, her alert has been shared on the social media site over 2000 times and has attracted more than 130 comments, including at least one other person who was said to have experienced a similar attempt by a stranger to gain access to her vehicle.

“I don’t know what he was intending to do. It was just weird that it was pouring with rain for ages and he only put his hood up before he tried my handle,” Kirsten said.

“He had a small dog with him but it was that dark and my side windows were covered in rain, therefore I couldn’t even tell you if it was a jumper or jacket he had on, let alone what colour.”

Inspector Derek Paxton said police had only been made aware of the one incident and were continuing enquiries.

With a spate of sneak thefts and break-ins across Glenrothes, he reiterated the need for the public to make the necessary safety precautions.

“Officers are continuing to make enquiries since the incident was reported to us and, as in any such situation, we would ask members of the public to keep themselves safe by making sure car doors are locked as a mater of routine,” Inspector Paxton said.

“This would be especially important for anyone travelling alone.

“We would also ask people to not leave valuables on show if they are leaving their vehicle.

“Anyone who experiences a similar attempt to access their car should report it by calling 101.”