Mums united by horror and sorrow

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THE mother of Ryan and Michelle Thomson has spoken of her misery while married to the siblings’ killer, husband Rab, in a new book.

June Thomson features in Beyond all Evil along with another heartbroken mum, Giselle Ross, who also lost her own children at the hands of their father, Ashok Kalyanjee.

Remarkably, both women suffered their nightmares on exactly the same day - Saturday, May 3, 2008.

Rab Thomson brutally murdered his two children by stabbing them repeatedly while on an access visit at their Muiredge Cottage home in Buckhaven.

When June returned to collect them, 25-year-old Michelle and seven-year-old Ryan lay dead.

Killer Thomson required hospital treatment after turning his knife on himself in an apparent botched suicide attempt.

Just five hours later, and 50 miles away, a policeman’s knock on the door brought the news to Giselle that her husband had slit her two little boy’s throats after taking them to the park to play football.

Six-year-old Paul and two-year-old Jay Jay were both dead.

The book describes the events leading up to and after this unthinkable abomination.

It tells of how June and Rab’s marriage was far from a happy one, with the killer turning into a control freak who would rape and beat his wife.

Finally she would leave after 27 years – only for him to extract his diabolical revenge for being cast aside.

The book’s publisher said: “On that spring day, neither could have conceived that the men they had once loved would do anything to harm their children.

“But they were wrong, so terribly wrong.

“Nothing can bring their children back, but June and Giselle have one solitary comfort: they are no longer alone.

“Their lives may have been torn apart, but they have each other.

“June is the only other person in the world who understands what Giselle has gone through.

“And when June cries out, it is only Giselle who can appreciate the depths of her despair.

“Together they are stronger.”

Digger driver Thomson left a note to his older children, Ross and Shaun, and also to June, in which he sickeningly told her not to “blame herself”.

During his appearance at the High Court in Edinburgh, the advocate-depute, Kevin McCallum, said Michelle, who had a younger mental age than her 25 years, had been stabbed 12 times – seven to the front of her chest and five to her back. Ryan had sustained 14 stab wounds, 11 to his front and three to the back.

Thomson was given a life sentence in October 2008 and was told he must spend a minimum of 17 years behind bars.

The Muiredge home where Ryan and Michelle were killed still stands, although there have been recent moves to bring it to the ground.