Mural to lift spirits of folk in hospital

Mural designed by Stephanie Carroll and John Craig
Mural designed by Stephanie Carroll and John Craig

A young couple from Levenmouth have helped to brighten things up at Cameron Hospital by painting a colourful mural for patients to enjoy.

Stephanie Carroll (21) and John Craig (20) volunteered their time over the summer to design and paint the mural on a formerly bare wall next to Cameron House, and it was officially unveiled earlier this month.

Stephanie, who is currently studying at college for highers in English, philosophy and sociology, was first approached by her mum Laura, who works at the hospital, to do the mural.

“Mum came to me to ask if I could do something. I had no experience but John and I had just got together and he has already completed a couple of murals in Kennoway and Leven,” she said.

The pair started to design the artwork at the beginning of the summer and spent the next three months making it a reality.

The mural is special to Stephanie as it features two important people - her grandparents Jack and Helen Warrender.

“I always thought that I would want to include them in it because they were around a lot during my childhood and are really important to me.”

Now that it’s complete, Stephanie is delighted with the outcome.

She said: “I can’t stop looking at it - I had it on paper for so long, and it was quite daunting, but now that it’s finished I feel really proud.”

Stephanie’s grandad Jack said he and his wife are quite honoured to have been included, adding: “On a sunny day, it’s quite spectacular and my daughter Laura who works at the hospital has said that it has had great feedback from all the patients and everyone who sees it.”