Murder accused ‘accidentally took £1000 from Mary Logie’

Mary Logie
Mary Logie

THE WOMAN accused of murdering Mary Logie persuaded the grandmother not to contact the police after she ‘wrongly’ took £1,000 from the pensioner’s bank account, a court has heard.

Nicola Brisland, 50, told a jury on Thursday that her friend Sandra Weir, 41, said to her that she had accidentally taken the cash from Mrs Logie.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Ms Brisland say that the 82-year-old discovered that the sum was missing at some point “probably” in the last year.

The discovery came before Mary lost her life at her home in Leven, in January this year.

She told the court that Weir acted as Mary’s “unofficial carer” and helped her with day-to-day tasks.

The court heard that Mary was going to go to the police about what happened with her money. But Ms Brisland said Weir told Mary that she had taken the £1,000.

Ms Brisland said: “She said Mary was going to go the police about it but it had been sorted out.

“She told Mary that she had used the wrong card.

“She said that she had sorted it out with her and that she was paying her back.”

Ms Brisland, also of Leven, was giving evidence on the fourth day of proceedings against Weir who denies eight charges including murder.

She began her evidence by stating that she and Weir had taken heroin together at various times last year.

Ms Brisland gave her evidence after being given an assurance by prosecution lawyer Alex Prentice QC that she wouldn’t be taken to court for implicating herself in criminal activity.

She said: “We took heroin together.”

Ms Brisland told the court that she gave Weir a £150 loan on Boxing Day last year. Weir said to her that she would give the cash back on January 5 - the day that Mary Logie died.

Ms Brisland told Mr Prentice: “Sandra said to me ‘the latest you’ll get this back is on the 5th’.”

The court heard that Ms Brisland said she later learned that Mary had lost her life on January 5 from media reports.

She later spoke about the debt to police officers who were investigating the death of Mary Logie. She also told the court that Sandra helped Mary with tasks.

Ms Brisland added: “She was like an unofficial carer.”

Weir, of Leven, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Weir is accused of killing the pensioner by repeatedly striking her on the head and body with a rolling pin or similar instrument.

She faces charges including attempting to defeat the ends of justice and stealing unknown quantities of money, two rings and Mrs Logie’s bank card or cards.

Prosecutors allege she used Mrs Logie’s bank card to steal £4,460 at cash machines between December 2014 and January 4 this year.

Weir’s solicitor advocate Murray Macara QC has lodged a special defence of alibi to the murder charge. Weir claims that she at other locations at the time Mrs Logie was attacked.

The trial, before judge Michael O’Grady QC, continues.