Murder mystery night meets burlesque ... Kirkcaldy’s version of Cluedo!

Did she do it?
Did she do it?

Was it Professor Plum with the candlestick in the library, Miss Scarlet with the revolver in the dining room or Miss Peacock with the rope in the kitchen?

Well, for those with fond memories of the board game Cluedo, a murder mystery night planned in Kirkcaldy next week could prove quite an attraction - especially if you happen to love pole-dancing.

Dance instructor Amby Stanyer-Hunter (35) said: “For everyone who says nothing interesting ever happens in Fife, here it is - it does not get more interesting than this!”

The event, which takes place on Saturday, June 21 at Templehall Community Centre, represents the Haus of Burlesque’s annual graduation show.

But this year’s ceremony comes with a special twist!

“This show has grown from a conceptual idea two years ago, and has grown from a simple one song act to a full production based on Cluedo,” explained Amby.

“Each dancer is in a different room, has their own colour, and has their own potential murder weapon.

“Each dancer is accused of committing the murder and has to ‘dance their alibi’ to prove their innocence but one of the dancers is guilty and the audience has to guess who it is.”

The show, according to Amby, represents “to the best of his knowledge a completely new concept in both the murder mystery genre and burlesque.”

And it’s fair to say Amby is someone who can think outside the box - he became something of a celebrity last month thanks to his campaign to stop people feeding the ducks at Beveridge Park.

However, when he’s not tending to the needs of his six-month-old pet duck Max, he’s working hard at Pole-A-Rama studios in the Olympia Arcade.

He added: “Pole graduation is a celebration of our highest achieving pole dance students who will be performing a montage of styles to a 
specially created medley of songs, allowing them to be part of a group while still maintaining their own unique style.”

Tickets for the event, which starts at 7.30 p.m., are available to buy (£10) from The Studio at Olympia Arcade (Mon-Thur evenings), Campbell & Sons Jewellers on Kirkcaldy High Street, and Spaghetti Tattoos on Dunnikier Road.