Murder trial: Witness tells of '˜topless playfight'

Alex Forbes, inset, died at Victoria Road.Alex Forbes, inset, died at Victoria Road.
Alex Forbes, inset, died at Victoria Road.
AN OFFSHORE worker has told a murder trial how he saw the alleged victim 'grappling' and 'play fighting' with the man prosecutors say killed him.

John Taylor (52) told a jury on Tuesday how he saw Alex Forbes (25) wrestling with Adrian Hynd in the accused man’s home in Kirkcaldy, in the early hours of January 2, 2017.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Mr Taylor say that he and his brother in law witnessed the pair taking off their shirts and having a mock fight.

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Mr Taylor said he and his brother had spent the previous evening drinking in the Windsor Bar in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

The court heard how Mr Forbes and Mr Hynd had also been drinking in the pub.

Jurors heard how Mr Forbes had told pub goers that he was “related” to an Edinburgh based gangster and boxing champion Tyson Fury.

At closing time, Mr Taylor, his relative and Mr Forbes ended up back at Mr Hynd’s home for a “party”.

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Mr Taylor said that when he got in, he noticed that Mr Hynd was somebody who “collected” ornamental weapons Star Trek figures and Vodka.

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Later in the evening, Mr Forbes, who had spent much of the previous evening talking about Boxing, started having a pretend fight with his host.

Mr Taylor told the court: “It was play fighting. Alex took off his shirt and so did Adrian. They were play fighting. They were grappling.

“It was play fighting. They were both on the ground at that point. We thought it was a bit silly and we left.”

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Mr Taylor was giving evidence on the second day of proceedings against 51-year-old Adrian Hynd, of Kirkcaldy.

Prosecutors claim Mr Hynd murdered Mr Forbes at his home in Kirkcaldy after the pair met the previous evening in the Windsor Bar.

Mr Hynd denies any wrong doing and he claims he acted in self defence after Mr Forbes attacked him.

On Tuesday, Mr Taylor told prosecution lawyer Alan Cameron that he and his brother in law started speaking to Mr Forbes in Windsor Bar.

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He told Mr Cameron that Mr Forbes had been singing Karaoke and had taken “his song.”

Mr Taylor said that he had been having a “tongue in cheek” conversation with Mr Forbes who claimed to be related to boxing champion Tyson Fury.

Mr Taylor told the court: “He said he had Tyson Fury’s phone number and he was trying to phone him. But he didn’t get him.

“I think he punched in the wrong number on his phone.”

The court also heard that Mr Forbes allegedly told pub goers that he was “related” to a “gangster” called Mr Kelbie.

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He said that as the evening progressed, he and his brother in law got to know Mr Hynd. At closing time, they took a very short taxi ride back to Mr Hynd’s flat.

Mr Taylor said Mr Hynd’s property was decorated with weapons. He said he also saw science fiction figurines.

He said that he saw a “gothic style” knife in the flat.

Mr Taylor added: “It was a fairly large knife. It was on a stand.”

Mr Taylor also said: “There were lots of Star Trek things. He (Mr Hynd) mentioned that he collected things.”

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The court heard that Mr Hynd also had a glass eye and removed it during the evening.

The court heard that Mr Taylor spoke to Mr Forbes about his offshore keep fit routine. He said that he used an oil rig gym but had trouble using a speed ball punch bag.

He said that Mr Forbes then gave him tips about how to use the speed ball.

Eventually, the court heard that Mr Forbes and Mr Hynd started play fighting.

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Mr Taylor added: “It wasn’t violent but we decided to leave.”

Mr Taylor said that he and his brother in law left at around 3.30am. He awoke later in the day and checked the news on his mobile phone.

He read an article about an “incident” which took place in a flat in Victoria Road. He then decided to speak to the police about what happened.

Hynd’s upstairs neighbour Elaine Roberts (30) told the court that she heard loud music and shouting coming from his flat.

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She told police investigating the incident that she heard a “painful scream” coming from Mr Hynd’s flat at about 4.20am.

She looked out of her living room window later in the morning to find that police had set up a crime scene. She then provided a statement to detectives at 1.15pm.

Prosecutors claim that on January 2 2017 at 80 Victoria Road, Kirkcaldy, Mr Hynd assaulted Mr Forbes, of Cakemuir Gardens, Edinburgh,.

It is alleged that Mr Hynd struggled with Mr Forbes, seized hold of his neck, repeatedly punched him on the head and body before butting him on the head.

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The Crown alleges that Mr Hynd then repeatedly struck him on the head and body with a knife and that he “did murder him.”

Mr Hynd has pleaded not guilty. His legal team has lodged a special defence which states that their client acted in self defence having been first attacked by Mr Forbes.

The trial, before judge Lord Ericht, continues.