Murphy in Glenrothes to drive home warning on fiscal autonomy

Jim Murphy visited FiFab in Glenrothes
Jim Murphy visited FiFab in Glenrothes

Scottish Labour Party leader Jim Murphy was in Glenrothes for the second time in five weeks on Tuesday as the battle for the Westminster seat intensifies.

He joined Melanie Ward, Labour’s candidate, on a visit to Glenrothes-based steel fabrications specialist FiFab where he toured the plant before meeting apprentices and pupils from a local high school.

Mr Murphy used the visit to highlight the risks of full fiscal autonomy which he claims will cost £1400 for every man, woman and child in Scotland,

He said the constituency, with a population of over 89,000, would lose £127 million a year in public spending if the SNP were allowed to do away with the Barnett formula and pay for services such as education from Scottish-only taxes.

“The choice at this election couldn’t be clearer, investment in the future of young Scots, and an end to austerity with Scottish Labour, or losing £1400 per person for our schools and hospitals with Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for full fiscal autonomy,” said Mr Murphy.

“The 5000 unemployed young Scots guaranteed a job under Scottish Labour’s Scottish Jobs Guarantee would see their potential squandered by the SNP’s plan for full fiscal autonomy,

“Here in Glenrothes alone, money from the Barnett formula is worth £127 million, the SNP’s plan would put an end to that funding.

“That isn’t just a number, it’s a generation of Scottish young people who will see their potential squandered.

Miss Ward added: “After the successful jobs summit, it was great for him to see the work of one of our fantastic local companies and to meet the staff.

“Jobs are my top priority and employers like FiFab are to be applauded especially for their commitment to apprenticeships. But more young people in our area need opportunities like this.

“That’s why we will guarantee a job, training or apprenticeship for young people who have been unemployed for a year, paid for by a tax on bankers’ bonuses.”