Music Matters - with John Murray

John Murray
John Murray

We should have pre-empted a new release from the Pet Shop Boys after seeing them strutting their stuff at the Olympics.

After all their new song Winner will be chosen by film makers for years to come now as they edit the cup winners montage at the end of another tournament or award ceremony.

After all its time a new song replaced Heather Small’s Proud from her debut album when I plucked that song as walk on music at the first Fife Council Excellence Awards.

When you hear PSB it sounds it was specially written for London 2012 (and perhaps it was).

Now a single after the exposure and extensively remixed for all genres.

The Winner Remixed Bundle 2 has four versions to behold and Bundle 1 has the album version plus Robin Gibb’s I Started A Joke and two other tracks. Neil and Chris have managed to retain their charm and unique place without compromise; still immediately identifiable but not sounding like a tired outfit from the past.

Orchestrations still lend quality to their writing and on reflective songs like Your Early Stuff and Breathing Space can still stand out among the flood of material around today.

The nostalgia oozes from the namechecks for Ossie (Clark), Brian (Ferry) and Biba’s closing sale on Requiem In Denim And Leopardskin with similar phrasing to their hit with Dusty (Nothing Has Been Proved).

The album Elysium (Parlophone) is out this week.

New York band Yeasayer have been around six years but only now gaining recognition over here.

They tour Europe this month and play Glasgow Arches on the 28th with their own blend of psychedelic pop.

Think Depeche Mode with a drum & bass producer and you get Yeasayer and on the forthcoming Reagan’s Skeleton single hear Sweet Harmony (The Beloved) in chord progression.

Fragrant World (Secretly Canadian), is the current album with so many new electronic ideas.

With a shedload of extras The Smashing Pumpkins 1994 platinum album Pisces Iscariot (EMI), is now available as digital download or multidisc. box sets. Their take on Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide is an unexpected triumph.