My day for Kianna ...

Kelly Graham and baby daughter Ava
Kelly Graham and baby daughter Ava
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A YOUNG Kirkcaldy mum has organised a charity fundraiser to help collect money for Kianna Martin - the little girl who can’t smile.

Kelly Graham (26) has arranged an all-day event at Society in Charlotte Street on Sunday, April 15 to raise as much money as possible for the brave two-year-old.

Kelly was so touched after reading Kianna’s story in the Fife Free Press that she wanted to do something to help her get the treatment she needs.

Kianna has a unique syndrome which has left her unable to swallow and she has to be fed through a small tube into her tummy. Her condition also means she can’t smile as the nerves on either side of her mouth are damaged.

Kelly also has a child with a serious medical condition.

She said: “I have three small children aged seven, five and four months old and my eldest, Cody, has chronic asthma.

“Although a lot of children suffer from it, Cody’s condition is life threatening as a simple case of the common cold can kill him. He has been on life support and in intensive care many times.

“I was disabled myself as a child from the age of seven until I was 16 and I recently found out Cody has the same condition so he could also be in a wheelchair until the age of 16.

“I was really touched when I read Kianna’s story and could see how much her mum has struggled so I wanted to help her get some money for Kianna’s treatment.”

The event will take place all day with activities for children in the afternoon and musical entertainment for adults in the evening.

The fundraiser will kick off at 1.00 p.m and run until 2.00 a.m. There will be face painting; an Easter egg hunt, outdoor barbecue, games, fancy dress, bring a photo psychic readings and male waxing.

From around 7.30 p.m onwards there will be bands performing including: Danny ‘Joker’ Herbert, Phlight, Aldous and the Alphabet, Kamihamiha and Jolly Boy John. There will also be performances by local acoustic artists and an open mic allowing people to bring their own guitars along. A raffle will also be held with prizes of photoshoots, hair and beauty treatments and a meal cooked by a top chef up for grabs.

Kelly added: “My aim is to raise £1500 but even if I just collect £100 I will be happy. I just want to do something to help.”

Entry is £2 on the door with donations taken inside.