‘My mum was marvellous’

Joan Mitchell Hogg
Joan Mitchell Hogg

A DAUGHTER has paid tribute to a “marvellous mum” - and one of Fife’s oldest residents - who has passed away at the age of 106.

Joan Mitchell Hogg was born when Edward VII sat on the throne and had clear memories of not just one, but two World Wars.

A staggering 25 prime ministers also served terms during her lifetime.

But, according to her 73 year-old daughter Barbara Gillan, the ebbs and flows of major events on the world stage never really impacted on Mrs Hogg’s outlook to life.

“She was a young girl when the Titanic sank, but she never really talked about these things,” she explained.

“All she loved was to enjoy her life and feel contented. She would always tell people “enjoy yourself for as long as you are able.

“She had a very positive outlook on life.”

Born in Sinclairtown, where she lived for most of her life, Joan married John Hogg when she was 32 years-old and had one daughter, Barbara.

Latterly, Mrs Hogg lived in Lindores Drive until, at the age of 104, she moved to Fernlea Care Home in Cardenden.

Yet, despite her advancing years she remained alert and independent, often telling care staff to rest their weary feet on her bed.

“Everybody always asked her what the secret was to living a long life,“ said Barbara, “and she would say it was just the luck of the draw.”

“She never drank or smoked, never dieted or put on weight.

“She was also lucky with her health - never took a tablet.

“She didn’t look her age and people thought she was in her 80s.”

Barbara enjoyed a close ‘sisterly’ relationship with her mother as they grew older.

“Everybody said mum was a marvellous person,” commented Barbara.

“I was very lucky to have had her for so long.”