Mysterious explosions heard across Fife town explained

The 'explosions'are not part of the demolition process say site operators RWE Ltd.
The 'explosions'are not part of the demolition process say site operators RWE Ltd.

Residents in a Fife town have been reporting a series of explosions and unexplained loud bangs coming from within a local industrial site over the last two days.

People living in Markinch and several precincts in Glenrothes, have heard, what one woman described as a “huge bang followed by a dull thud which could be felt in the atmosphere”.

While demolition work is continuing on a part of the former Tullis Russell paper manufacturer’s site. close to Glenrothes town centre where the mysterious noises are reported to be coming from, a spokesman for Biomass plant operator RWE Ltd, said the explosions being heard yesterday and throughout today were not part of the demolition process.

RWE are currently demolishing a section of the old paper mill as part of a site clearance to make way for a £20 million district heating project for Glenrothes,

A spokesman of Police Scotland confirmed that despite a number of police counter terrorism training exercises currently being undertaken by officers in various regions, Glenrothes was not one of the locations. 
However the spokesman added that Police Scotland had been informed that military exercises were currently taking place at the site.

So far no comment has been made by Ministry of Defence to explain operations it is currently undertaking at former paper mill.