Mystery photo inside antique boudoir chair

Mystery surrounds the identity of the young woman in this photograph
Mystery surrounds the identity of the young woman in this photograph

Like an Agatha Christie novel, this intriguing case began when an old torn photo emerged from a Victorian boudoir chair.

But the only detective who can possibly solve this decades-old mystery is you - and our other faithful Press readers!

Earlier this year, a former Kinghorn resident decided to re-upholster a beloved chair to pass to a grandchild as a wedding gift.

However, when craftsmen started stripping the chair down, they found an intriguing scrap of a photograph showing a young woman with long dark hair.

But who is she and how old is the picture?

That’s what the current owner - who wishes to remain anonymous - would love to know...

“I am baffled but intrigued as I have not disturbed the chair in any way, until now,” she said.

“Could there be someone in the coastal area of Fife who might recognise this face from say past family albums?”

The lady bought the chair 25-30 years ago from a chef who worked on the Cunard Lines.

“This gentleman had a home in Kinghorn, where he returned when on leave from the ship,” she explained.

“He kept a collection of chairs which he purchased at local auctions. When in need of extra income, he would sell his chairs, which is how I came to buy my chair from him.”

The current owner left Scotland in 1993 and the chair moved with her to Kingsmead, Monsmouth.

But she would now like to return the photo to its rightful owner.

“The last time the chair was covered, Dralon was used and I have no idea when this material came into use,” she said.

“Yet inside this chair lay this small scrap of a photograph; all the time I owned it and obviously long before I had it.

“Whilst her forehead is missing, her face is clear to see, bar her mouth and chin.”

She added: “The picture such as it is , is old. The large hand, with the fingers pressed on to the girl’s mouth, does not seem to be her hand, and is nearer the camera.

“The two rings are clear to see and the fingers are stained and look dirty.”

So, do you think you know who the young lady is in the picture - or, indeed, is it you?

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