Nairn name lives on in new Kirkcaldy optical centre

From left: Richard Godfrey (chairman), Gordon Brown MP, Alan Suttie, Charlie Nairn and Jill Beaton
From left: Richard Godfrey (chairman), Gordon Brown MP, Alan Suttie, Charlie Nairn and Jill Beaton

A new optician practice named after a well-known Kirkcaldy family has been launched at the Fife Sensory Impairment Centre in the town.

The Nairn Optical Centre was officially opened on Friday by Charlie Nairn, son of the late Lady Helen Nairn, and the event was hosted by Gordon Brown MP.

The launch was attended by invited guests and local politicians.

The fully registered facility, which is also wheelchair accessible, has been developed through FSB Enterprises, the social enterprise company of Fife Society for the Blind.

The practice has been created as part of the aim of the Society and FSB Enterprises to provide services to the growing number of people living with sight loss.

The centre will be available to people of all ages with a wide range of visual symptoms, such as reduced or low vision, and those with the early stages of an eye disease.

Alan Suttie, chief executive Fife Society for the Blind, said: “With many older people who have experienced a serious sight loss, they have given up on regular visits to opticians as they feel there is nothing more can be done for them.

‘‘But there is support for low vision and through our new centre we can offer this.

‘‘ Our new clinic facility is not in competition with High Street opticians - we are meeting a need based on solutions not previously available.”

Charlie Nairn said he was pleased to be able to officially open the centre on behalf of his mother.

It was thanks to a bequest to the society by Lady Helen Nairn that the facility has been created.

She worked with Fife Society for the Blind in Cupar - he recalled going with her to visit people with sight problems.

He said: “Working with the blind became a really important thing for my mum and she did it for years.

‘‘She would be pleased to see the money being used in this way.

‘‘I would like to thank Alan for making this happen.”