Near-miss prompts warning to drivers

0711028 SSHC road safety 'Shone & Josh (8) Simpson at home in  Adamson Court, Cupar - Josh was nearly run over by a speeding car in Cupar
0711028 SSHC road safety 'Shone & Josh (8) Simpson at home in Adamson Court, Cupar - Josh was nearly run over by a speeding car in Cupar
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AN eight-year-old Cupar boy had a lucky escape after almost being knocked down by a car just yards from his home.

Josh Simpson, of Adamson Court, had got off the school bus and was crossing near Cupar ambulance station when a car “came out of nowhere” and nearly ran him over.

His mum, Shona, has now called for motorists to slow down and be more vigilant when driving near school buses.

She has also called for the bus to stop letting children off near the Skinners Steps junction and asked for a designated bus stop to be installed at the entrance to Kinloss Park.

Mrs Simpson said she was shocked after Josh returned home last Tuesday accompanied by a woman who saw the near-miss take place.

She said: “Josh had got off the bus and had been standing at the side of the road when a driver stopped and waved him over.

“He said the road had been clear and he started to cross but then stumbled a bit. The next thing a car which had come from the Kinloss Park direction round the side of the bus, came to an emergency stop right in front of him.

She went on to say the car must have been doing more than the 20mph limit to have had to slam on its breaks.

“I was so glad that Josh was ok; this could’ve been a lot worse.

“Both Josh and the woman in the other car said the vehicle came out of nowhere.

”The driver, a female, didn’t even get out of the car to check he was ok. Josh might be eight but he is quite small and you’d think anyone who had just about runover a child would see if they were ok.

“Fortunately the other lady who saw it all, came to tell me what had happened.”

Mrs Simspon said Josh has only been making the short walk to get the bus for the past six months, but trusts him to have good road sense.

“Even so I still watch him walk down the road to wait for the bus,” she said.

“I feel really guilty that I didn’t walk to meet him that day but I can see him from the window.

“You don’t expect people to be driving fast when they’re in a 20mph zone and passing a school bus.”

Mrs Simpson said she had been in touch with Castlehill Primary School which Josh attends to let them know about the incident.

“I think he has enjoyed telling his classmates, but it has served as a reminder to them all to be safe on the streets,” she said.

“Mrs Opdahl, the headteacher, has been very good and the class are to get some extra road safety lessons.”

Mrs Simpson also reported the matter to police but as Josh wasn’t actually hurt - despite being able to touch the car’s front grill with his hands - there is to be no further investigation.

However, Fife Police have confirmed they will be talking to Fife Council with a view to asssessing if a proper bus stop is required in the interests of public safety.