‘Need for Glenwood Centre regeneration’

Cllr Betty Campbell at the Glenwood shopping centre area
Cllr Betty Campbell at the Glenwood shopping centre area

THERE are renewed calls from both residents and Councillors for the Glenwood Shopping Centre and to be up graded, reports, NEIL HENDERSON.

Councillor Betty Campbell has called for the owners, Glacy and Light ltd to take action to prevent the centre from falling into further disrepair.

Betty, who represents the ward that the Glenwood Centre is in, is concerned by the general ‘run-down nature’ of the centre and highlighted a number of specific areas that she says local residents have brought to her attention.

She said: “A number of residents have contacted me recently complaining about crumbling and unsafe steps, walkways and the general state of the centre.

“Glenwood is just one of several areas within Glenrothes that is in need of urgent attention.”

Area Services Manager Kevin Sayer commented: “We are aware of issues around the Glenwood shops area in Glenrothes. Unfortunately there is no straightforward solution and the situation is made more complex by the fact that the shopping centre is privately owned and there is a mix of privately owned and council homes in the area.

“We have to work together with all the parties involved including private landlords and community safety teams to highlight areas that need attention, for example door entry systems that aren’t working properly.

“An action plan is being prepared which will look at all the work that has to be done and who would be responsible for taking that forward.”

One resident who didn’t want to be identified said: “The centre has become an eyesore with many empty shops and living in the adjacent flats has become a nightmare.

“I don’t even keep my television in the flat because I’ve been broken into on several occasions and I’ve witnessed vandalism on numerous occasions and drug dealing is rife.

“The council do come and clean up but within a matter of hours the stair wells are back to being used for a dumping ground for rubbish, the area whole needs serious attention.”

Another local resident, Tony McCathur said: “The centre is a disgrace and has been for a long while.

“It doesn’t help that many of the shop units are empty and boarded up but just look around you, the place is falling to bits.”

Councillor Campbell now plans to write to the lease owners to seek assurances that investment will be forthcoming and is also exploring the possibilities of Fife Council intervention.