Neighbours call for property clean-up


RESidents in a quiet St Andrews street have criticised a firm of local solicitors, claiming a property neighbouring their family home was left “completely neglected.”

They are concerned about the state of an upstairs flat in Boase Avenue which has been left vandalised with ‘kill’ and ‘run away’ written on windows while they say the garden is massively overgrown.

The family who live in the flat downstairs say grass was as high as a clothes pole and a discarded shopping trolley lay there for over a year.

However, as the Citizen went to press Murray Donald Drummond Cook, who manage the property, gave assurances the situation would be rectified.


Lorna Roshier, who lives in the downstairs property with her husband and two teenage boys, explained: “The garden is overgrown with long grass and huge weeds, a Tesco trolley has lain there for nearly a year and there was graffiti on the windows,” she said.

“This has been a huge inconvenience to us. Every time we looked out of the window or wanted to spend some time in the garden my heart sank when I saw the state of it.

“At some points the grass in the garden was over five feet tall.”

She added: “I was also worried about whether or not the gas and electric had ever been checked and of course there was also the graffiti - the words ‘kill’ and ‘ run away’ have been sprayed on the inside of the windows for over nine months.

Mrs Roshier says she and her husband wrote to the solicitors and visited their offices to try and get the property tidied up but they claim they were unable to get them to do anything

This week after being contacted for a comment by the Citizen, the legal firm arranged for the graffiti to be removed and assurances were given that the garden would be tidied up.

A spokesman for the company said: “We are disappointed to hear of these complaints, particularly when both matters are the responsibility of these long-term tenants.

“However, where tenants fail to carry out their obligations in terms of lease, we have authority to remedy the situation. The graffiti was removed on Monday, August 1 and the garden will be attended to on Wednesday, August 3.

“The property was due its inspection and both of these issues would have been picked up at that time. “