Neuk burgh has featured role in Welsh novel

The front cover of Irvine Welsh's  novel 'Skagboys'.
The front cover of Irvine Welsh's novel 'Skagboys'.

CULTURE and celebrity have shone a bright spotlight on St Monans in recent weeks.

A camera crew from the BBC series ‘Coast’ paid a visit to the East Neuk burgh, to record sequences for a series to be scheduled in 2013.

And, one of the most exhilarating days in the village’s recent history, Academy Award winners Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, and a Hollywood crew, spent a day filming scenes for ther new film, ‘The Railway Man’, at St Monans harbour and the historic kirk.

Now the village has found itself referenced in another work of art – Irvine Welsh’s latest novel, ‘Skagboys’.

The book, a prequel to Welsh’s memorable 1993 debut ‘Trainspotting’, features St Monans as the location for a residential drug rehabilitation centre.

As an alternative to prison, Renton and some of the other principal characters are sent for counselling to address their heroin dependency.

Chapters in the book are devoted to their time there and ‘rehab diaries’ – however, there’s a suggestion, in typical Welsh style, that Saint Monan himself perhaps isn’t the best known among Scottish saints.