Neuk man on serious assault charges

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A Cellardyke man appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court on December 31 charged with a string of assaults on women and children at various locations in Fife, including Leven and Cellardyke.

Kane McGuire (37) appeared in private before Sheriff Way on two petitions.

The first alleges serious assaults on two women, one of whom he tried to strangle while she was pregnant, and two boys.

The allegations include torturing a child on various occasions over a three-year period by locking him in a small, dark cupboard, forcing him to strip to his underwear and sit in a bath full of cold water and, on one occasion, force his head under water so it was submerged for a long time.

On this petition, the case was continued for further examination and he was remanded in custody.

The other petition – for which McGuire has been fully committed for trial – also involves assaults on women and throwing a cat against a wall. He made no plea or declaration and was fully committed for trial on these charges.