Never mind the bollards ... Glenrothes residents’ anger over access decision

Resident Fredrick Robb with Cllr Bill Brown and the new bollard which has been installed
Resident Fredrick Robb with Cllr Bill Brown and the new bollard which has been installed

Residents in a Caskieberran street have criticisedl Fife Council’s decision to block vehicle access after 40 years.

Homeowners in Ravenswood Drive are angry at the erection of a steel bollard which stops them from driving a car directly up to the homes - the only vehicle access to their property.

And they claim their lives are potentially being put at risk because the new restriction also stops emergency services from getting up close to the houses should it be necessary.

“We accept that the access route is designated as a pedestrian pathway but it is more than wide enough to get a vehicle along if needed,’’ said long-time resident Fredrick Robb. one of two affected by the restricted access who is registered as disabled.

‘‘It’s the only access we have and there has never been an accident caused by a car being there in over 40y years.’’

And he added: “We are being penalised because of the unique design of the precinct, yet it seems the council has not applied any common sense and residents are angry that they were not even consulted.

“The decision to block off the pathway also seems to be inconsistent as the council has not done it anywhere else locally, not even near the play park which possibly might have a case for extra safety.”

Residents from 14 of the 16 homes closest to the new bollard have signed a petition calling for the local authority to remove the restriction.

And they have the support of councillors Bill Brown and Craig Walker.

“At the very least they deserve to have been consulted so that they could have explained their situation,” Cllr Brown told the Gazette.

“Consideration must be given to the immediate area and I agree with the residents that it doesn’t seem to have been given.”

Responding to the residents concerns Ian B Smith, lead professional, traffic management, told the Gazette: “The safety of pedestrians is of paramount importance.

“It was on that basis that following contact from a local resident a bollard was installed to prevent motorised vehicles driving on the footpath.

“Discussions are underway with local councillors and with emergency services over the bollard in question.”