New appeal for Fifers to come forward for unique badge

5201g034 morris stewart 'the Veteran Medal presented to Morris Stewart by PM Gordon Brown
5201g034 morris stewart 'the Veteran Medal presented to Morris Stewart by PM Gordon Brown

FIFE’S war heroes have been urged to come forward and collect their Veterans’ Badge.

A special presentation ceremony will be staged in Kirkcaldy to honour those who have served their country in times of conflict.

It will be hosted by Gordon Brown, MP, ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

Hundreds of Fifers have already received their Veterans Badges, but the list of those eligible has been expanded, and many more can now receive the award for their bravery and dedication.


And Mr Brown - who was behind the creation of the HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge in May 2004 - wants them to come forward and join him at the special event later this year.

His office will help with application forms to make sure no-one misses out.

All armed forces veterans are eligible to apply as are those who served in the Merchant Navy.

Mr Brown said: ‘‘It’s right our country remembers the veterans at all times. It is especially right we do so as we prepare for another Armistice Sunday.

‘‘For generations our armed forces have served our country across the world in many roles from war fighting, peacekeeping and reconstruction to home defence -thousands without recognition

They have defended our country, our way of life and our cherished values and yet many have not been honoured.


‘‘But a large number of veterans who are still young and active may not know they are eligible for the badge.

‘‘I want to allow people to submit their applications in the next few weeks so we can organise a ceremony in advance of Remembrance Sunday.

‘‘Then, those who have served, can wear their badges with pride if they have not already received them.’’

With the badge now available to everyone who has served in the armed forces, the town’s MP hopes the presentation ceremony will match the one which drew several hundred guests to Adam Smith College two years ago.

Mr Brown added: ‘The badge promotes the recognition of veterans by the wider public and is a unique unifying symbol now available to all who have served. ‘‘