New bin collection plans are rubbish!

Kinghorn residents are up in arms about their bin collections
Kinghorn residents are up in arms about their bin collections

FURIOUS beachfront residents in Kinghorn have rubbished Council plans to make them take their bins to the road end for collection.

Under new collection schedules, which were set to be introduced next week, around 30 households in St James Place which overlooks Kinghorn beach, were told to take their wheelie bins along to Barton Buildings for uplift.

But, after local councillor George Kay stepped in, the plans have been put on hold for a month to allow consultation to take place.

The plans which were proposed would have meant that those living furthest away, including the Kinghorn Lifeboat station, would have to push their bins up to 250 metres along a bumpy and uneven road to be emptied.

And, with many frail and elderly residents in the area, the close-knit community is unanimous in its condemnation of the changes.

Letters sent to residents from Fife Council, last week, said: “Due to upcoming changes in fleet, we recently reviewed the access road to all urban properties that are currently considered to be difficult to access.”

It added that St James Place had been found “unsuitable due to width of access road.”

Dawn Matthew (54), of 4 St James Place, said: “I’ve lived here for 13 years and there have not been any problems with the bin lorries getting along the road, but suddenly they are saying there are.

“The road has to be kept clear for emergency vehicles getting to the Lifeboat station, and we all police it ourselves to ensure people know if they are blocking the road.”

Betty Richardson (70), who lives in Barton Buildings where around 60 bins are set to be left overnight for collection said: “It’s ridiculous. If 60 bins are put outside our building it will block off all the car parking spaces and cause chaos for residents. It’s a busy beach here, and for visitors to be faced with dozens of smelly bins won’t look good, not to mention the smell around our flats in the hot weather.”

Kenny Mullen, who also lives in Barton Buildings has started up a petition which has collected over 40 signatures in just a few days.

“There are lots of frail and elderly people who can’t push their bins far and if a neighbour was to be injured, who would be responsible?”

Councillor George Kay has welcomed the decision to halt the plans for consultation.

He said: “As I suspected this is to do with speeding up schedules rather than the inability to gain entry. I feel we must use this window of opportunity to make the most vociferous of objections.”