New cafe culture at Homelands

Norma Stenhouse, David Paton, Kim O Brein, Kitty Walker & Lynn Keegans ' - FPA
Norma Stenhouse, David Paton, Kim O Brein, Kitty Walker & Lynn Keegans ' - FPA

People in Fife affected by a long term health condition, either directly or indirectly as a family member or carer, are invited along to a new twice weekly cafe.

Homelands Trust-Fife in Lundin Links held its first cafe gathering at the Paxton Centre on Monday - and the charity is hoping it will become a popular choice for people from all over the Kingdom.

Dave Paton, development coordinator said: “The cafe is an addition and expansion to what we are already doing here at the Paxton Centre.

“As well as coming for the variety of therapies we offer, people can stick around and have a bit of lunch and a cup of tea.

“It’s a lot to do with the social aspect of the cafe setting as well. It’s getting people who can often be quite isolated out of their homes, and helping them to make a connection.”

And anyone who is thinking about visiting the centre can rest assured they will face no barriers when it comes to accessibility.

“Of course, there are a lot of new cafes and places in Fife which are grand,” said Dave. “But there are also a lot of lovely wee places along the coast, which are beautiful, but the first thing you are confronted with is a step or lack of an accessible toilet. Often people have to spend a lot of time planning their time out because of this.”

As well as tasty treats such as soup and toasties, those attending the cafe can also stick around for taster sessions in a variety of activites, including quizzes, talks, table top games and information on upcoming events at the centre.

There will also be Reiki and indian head massage on offer (cost involved) although booking for this is essential. And the Trust is hoping a counsellor from St Andrew’s based Stop & Talk will be available in the future.

Dave added: “Obviously, the cafe is starting on a Monday and a Wednesday at the moment, but depending on the demand, we would love to expand that.”

The cafe will run on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at the Paxton Centre, 14a Links Road, Lundin Links between 12.00 - 2.00 p.m.

For more information, please call 01333 329039.