New car park fails to please residents

BiFab at the Fife Energy Park in Methil
BiFab at the Fife Energy Park in Methil

A long-running dispute between residents and BiFab workers shows no signs of ceasing – despite 250 new car spaces at Fife Energy Park.

It took a long time coming for embittered residents, but BiFab eventually leased extra land from Scottish Enterprise to meet the parking needs of its workers.

However, according to neighbours, the new space has not proved to be the longed-for solution to a sorry saga which has now been running on for six months.

Residents are still reporting they cannot park in their own car park because of workers taking up the spaces.

A spokesman for Swan Court residents campaign group said: “ We’re no better off at the end of the day – in fact, it’s actually worse.

“It’s either the fact that workers are too lazy to park on-site or, as I suspect, there’s not the capacity for 250 cars at the new car park.”

The spokesman said the residents understood Bifab was adopting a policy of ignoring its workers’ behaviour the minute they left the park gates.

“There is only one solution to this problem, “ the spokesman commented. “Erect a 
barrier with a fob at our car park.”

The group is now requesting Fife Council adopts the Swan Court car park as a lasting legal solution.

A spokesperson from Fife Council was unavailable for comment but Dave Paterson, Levenmouth area service manager, told the group he understood there had been no significant drop-off in numbers of workers using the residential car park, despite extra provision made available on the Energy Park site.

However he believed most residents were still able to find a car parking space.

A Scottish Enterprise spokesman confirmed it had leased further land to Bifab for the company to form a car park.

BiFab’s managing director at Methil, John Robertson, said he had understood the car parking arrangement was working and he was not aware of any further issues or incidents.

He could not comment on the number of spaces, but the car park was “fully operational and working at full capacity.”

It had been open for nearly three weeks and was “100 per cent available to workers,” added Mr Robertson.

“The car parking facility now is more than adequate and they (workers) were all made aware of it,” he added.

He said bosses had previously asked the workforce to be as considerate as possible when parking their vehicles.

According to residents, one BiFab worker has exposed himself and urinated in Swan Court’s car park not once, not twice, but three times.

Residents have been spat at and verbally abused by workers taking up their car park spaces.

A campaign spokesman said: “One worker from BiFab – a very broad, big man with a limp – went to cross the road at Shepherd’s Park and had to throw himself face down into the middle of the road to prevent himself being killed by a car. He was so large he couldn’t move and – get this – cars leaving BiFab didn’t stop for him. They just drove around him and sped off – they couldn’t give a damn.”

Eyewitnesses claimed some Bifab workers were smoking cannabis in Swan Court’s car park before starting their shifts.