New community room offers base for Macedonia residents

Southwood Primary School, Glenrothes
Southwood Primary School, Glenrothes

Residents in Macedonia are already seeing the benefits of funds recently presented by St Ninian’s charity to local groups and schools.

For Southwood Primary School have used their cash award to help finish a new community facility that is hoped will become a focal hub for local groups, parents and youngsters in the area.

The former classroom has been transformed into a functional area which will host a range of educational opportunities as well as being a space that residents can come and put to good use.

And to launch the facility, the school held a family fun afternoon inviting families and residents to see the room first-

“There’s been nothing like this in the area until now and we hope it will soon develop into a useful and most importantly cheap facility for what is unfortunately a deprived area of the town,” said Joanne Erskine, one of those behind the development.

“We have a range of free courses already set up for residents too,” she added.