New council home builds supported

Councillor David Ross
Councillor David Ross

A RENT hike of £3.16 a week is to be introduced on council tenants.

Councillor David Ross, speaking as he launched the consultation on Fife Council’s housing revenue account budget, at the annual tenants’ conference, said the money would be used to support the building of 1000 new council homes.

Cllr Ross highlighted the priorities for the year ahead, including the delivery of new affordable housing, meeting the Scottish housing quality standard, developing more housing options for older people and working with tenants to improve estates.

He said: “The level of budget available to address key priorities is heavily dependent on agreement around the increase in rents from the current year.

“Fife Council’s Executive Committee agreed a preferred rent increase averaging £3.16 per week, including a catch up on last year’s below inflation rise.”