New exhibition by Newport artist to open in west Fife


Newport-based artist McLoughlin opens his new solo show, ‘The Meanings of Things’, at the Fire Station Creative Gallery in Dunfermline next Friday.

It marks an important return to his roots, as he was born in the town and passion for art was first ignited there.

As a teenager he worked as a labourer on the building of the stand at East End Park, where he shook hands with the legendary Jock Stein.

Although he was a successful artist in the 1970s – as Phil Barker – he gave up art in 1980 to begin doctoral studies, leading a new career as a psychotherapist and academic.

Dr Barker spent the next 30 years as a university professor and author, becoming one of the world’s leading figures in mental health recovery.

He only returned to art in 2010 – as McLoughlin – with an exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, which led to a string of awards and prizes and election to the Society of Scottish Artists.

Within a few years, his work has become highly sought-after by collectors across the UK, Europe and Australasia.

McLoughlin’s work is at the forefront of contemporary painting and mirrors the many uncertainties of present-day life. His new show runs at the Dunfermline venue from June 3 to July 3.