New flats on eyesore land in Kinghorn but still concerns from residents

The site has been cleared for construction
The site has been cleared for construction
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An eyesore which has blotted the Kinghorn landscape for around a decade has been demolished in the last few weeks.

But many local residents fear that plans by Campion Homes to build a three-storey block of flats on the site of the former Caberfeidh Nursing Home will create more problems.

After the recently lodged plans were published on the Kinghorn photos website it sparked a barrage of complaints, and when the Press investigated, most of those living in the vicinity of the site said the buildings were “too high” “obtrusive” or “ugly.”

They also voiced concerns about traffic safety at the already busy junction on to the main road and the fear that cars would park down the narrow Ladyburn Place if there were not enough spaces included in the plans.

However local councillor George Kay said that the plans had been unveiled at a recent Community Council meeting when the response had been “largely favourable.”

“People agreed that the area was an eyesore the way it was and something had to be put on the site and the plans were largely well received although there were a few minor objections,” he said.

“This site has been derelict for around ten years now and it is high time something was done to tidy it up.”

However, although all the residents spoken to by the Press agreed action was needed, every one said that the proposed building was too high, with four households in Boswell Drive saying the flats would look straight into their bedrooms.

One woman said: “I thought something would be better than nothing, but after seeing the plans I’m not so sure.

‘‘They will look straight into us.

‘‘There’s also the issue of parking on what’s already a nightmare road at times.”

George Coventry (79) of Boswell Drive, said: “There are rumours that it’s affordable housing.

‘‘I don’t think that would be good for the area as we already have enough trouble here. I’ll be objecting.”

Jill Wallace (50), added: “Parking is my worry. People park right down our street which is fairly narrow.

‘‘There is also a children’s play park that comes out on to this road.”

Erroll Roberts of Bruce Terrace said: “If it’s three storeys it will block our view to the sea and it is not in keeping with the character of the rest of the buildings around here.”

History of a landmark

During the 1970s until the late 80s the site was occupied by the Cunzie Neuk pub which played host to many popular bands of the times.

In the 1990s it became the Caberfeidh nursing home, caring for elderly patients.

The home closed at the end of 2008 and has lain derelict for over five years before being demolished.