New flood group for Kettle area

A NEW group has been set up in Kettle as a result of recent flooding threats to properties at several places in the area.

Kettle Community Council has been behind the formation of Kettle District Flood Resilience Group.

The group is made up of a number of local residents seeking to mitigate the threat of flooding to the community generally.

Input was sought from 
local councillor David MacDiarmid and Freuchie Flood Action Group co-ordinator, John Thomson.

A Fife Council engineer responsible for flood protection of residential property has visited various locations in the area.

Discussion is also planned with Paul Hendy of the Scottish Flood Forum.

The next meeting of the group will be held in Kettle Memorial Hall on Thursday, March 28 at 7pm.

All residents are welcome to attend and be updated on the issues and solutions being considered.

They can also raise any flood-related concerns they have and wish the group to pursue.

Chair of the group is Andrew Blankenstein, who can be contacted on 01337 831702 for any immediate queries.