New future for Fife promenade?

Leven promenade 1964 (John Lord / Flickr)
Leven promenade 1964 (John Lord / Flickr)

The next stage of Leven’s regeneration is set to get under way.

With work set to begin on upgrading the Shorehead area of Leven in the coming months, Fife Council is preparing to set its focus on the Promenade.

The council is organising a consultation, seeking locals’ feelings about the Promenade and how it can be improved.

David Paterson, Levenmouth area services manager for Fife Council, said: “We feel the regeneration of the Promenade is a vital part of the regeneration of Leven.

“But we need to know what local people want to be done to make the Promenade a better place.”

Leven Promenade was hugely popular in the 1950s and 60s – attracting holidaymakers from across Scotland who flocked to Johnny’s amusements, the paddling pool and putting green.

It lost its allure from the ‘80s onwards as people started to holiday abroad, but with the demolition of Methil Power Station a new future suddenly seemed possible.

The question is now... what does that future look like?

Following an initial consultation, the council will be organising face-to-face meetings in the summer using first-hand information to create a clearer picture for the future of the Promenade.

It will also seek group discussions with young people, notably with users of the skate park, which will be facilitated by community learning and development youth work staff.

At a charrette consultation in 2014, local residents shared their concerns and aspirations for the town.

The Promenade was highlighted as one of the main assets for the town, with locals wanting a better future for it.

The council has completed some small-scale work in the meantime, upgrading lighting and the path.The regeneration of the Promenade is just one area of Leven being focused on.

Work is set to start on the £1 million redevelopment of Shorehead in the coming months, with it expected to last around 40 weeks.

It is hoped the revamp will attract more people to the high street and help regenerate Bridge Street, which links the Shorehead and the retail park.

Among the changes that will be made, including high quality pavements, lower kerbing and better lighting, is a reconfiguration of the Shorehead car park, which could lead to public events being staged there.

Details about the Promenade consultation will be in the Mail when announced.