New lease of life for old tractor ...

Brookhouse President tractor 1953
Brookhouse President tractor 1953
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The owner of a 60-year-old tractor which once belonged to a Fife golf course is appealing to readers to help trace its history.

Benjamin Meredith (31), a hydraulic engineer from Gloucestershire, plans to restore the rare ‘Brookhouse President’ tractor back to its former glory.

“Thankfully, it’s just at an age where people might be able to still remember it,” he said.

“It would be fantastic to bring its history back to it and maybe even reunite it with someone.”

Benjamin discovered the red tractor in a barn in May and he and his wife, who restore vintage vehicles as a hobby, plan to work on it over the winter months.

He said: “We are fairly confident that this tractor started its life in Fife on a golf course as a green keeping grass care tractor.

“Before we start restoring the tractor, however, we wish to retain the registration mark from the DVLA.”

The original mark NSP 609 was not transferred onto the DVLA system when it became computerised and, as a result, Benjamin must now obtain some proof linking the registration mark to the tractor.

The mark NSP 609 is a Fife registration from c. 1953.

“If one of your readers could remember this tractor it would be extremely interesting to associate the history and past back to the tractor and should also be sufficient for the DVLA to allow us to keep the Fife registration mark.”

Benjamin added: “With both the registration and restoration we would like to keep it as genuine and original as possible.”

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